DoTERRA Essential Oils

Donna Hughes, Essential Oils Specialist
(815) 258-7892


These incredible oils can be used in a variety of ways.  Diffusing is one of most popular ways, but they have many other uses such as:

• Toxins free cleaning supplies
• Deep blue products for sore muscles and strains
• On guard products protect against environmental & seasonal threats
• Many of our citrus oil‘s will flavor your water and cleanse your system at the same time
• Replace many of your over-the-counter meds with Zero side effects
• Digestive blend for an occasional upset tummy
• doTERRA Salon Essentials
• plus many of our oils can be added to your beauty products
• Weight management
• Calming and for Restful sleep
• Others to uplift & motive bringing clarity to your mind
• And so much more!

Here at DoTERRA, we are working hard to see you become stronger in spirit, soul, body ~ Better Together